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We love to see our attendees dress up in all sorts of creative and interesting costumes! Disney-Bounding and

Cosplay have become ever popular. In celebration, we will be hosting a special Cosplay & Bounding Parade across the PNWMM Stage during the day of the event!

For the sake of safety, we do have some rules about what costumes and props are acceptable at PNW Mouse Meet™ events.
When planning your costume, please keep the following rules in mind:
Disney related Properties Disney-Bounding and Cosplay only. Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, Disney Parks, etc.
Decency and Appropriateness: Attire, costumes and props must be PG-rated. Improper language is not permitted on attire or props of any kind.
Costume Safety: Costumes must not be dangerous to anyone who bumps into them accidentally.  Costumes and props that pose an indoor safety hazard to their owners, such as stilts, roller blades, etc, are also not allowed.
Weapons: No weapons of any kind are permitted.
Any prop being used in an unsafe or threatening manner may be confiscated by Security. Security may ask you at any time to put a prop away or change out of a costume based on its acceptability. The Manager on Duty of Security has the final say as to the acceptability of any prop or costume.

With all the wonderful speakers, amazing activities, games, celebrities, food, and Disneyana, let’s not lose sight of one thing...Disney Fans! Some of the greatest memories that came out of previous year’s events were the opportunities for Disney Fans to meet other Disney Fans. At work, at school, and within our own families, it is often difficult to convey the Passion for Disney that we all share. Here you can meet hundreds of Disney Fans who are just like YOU. Many friendships, relationships and even marriages (yes a marriage) have happened by meeting people at the PNWMM!

​We can't wait to meet YOU!

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Looking for Disney Fan Fun with hundreds of fellow Disney Fans? You've come to the proper place...

Now put your ruddy hands inboard and hold on tight Matey's... There be Fun, Excitement and Pixie Dust ahead... Arrr...


Each year we host several Disney related Guest Speakers. In the past we have had Imagineers, Animators, Voice Actors, A Disneyland President, Movie Producers and Disney Legends including Marty Sklar, Bob Gurr, Don Hahn, Kevin Rafferty, Glenn Barker, Margaret Kerry, Bill Farmer, Tony Baxter, Stacia Martin, Mike Peraza and many more...

Who will it be in 2018? Check back here for details after announcements are made. We can't wait!

We are extremely excited to have the opportunity to host a number of Disney Celebrities during the day. Autographs will be available and varies by celebrity guest.
Autograph Rules: Limit of 1 item to autograph plus the PNWMM collectible Autograph Card provided in Guest Gift Bags and 1 photograph. This rule is in place so that we are able to provide everyone an opportunity to meet the celebrities. Please be considerate of others by adhering to these simple rules.

Be sure to keep an eye out for PNW Mouse Meet Photo Stops all around the Event space! From amazing one of a kind displays and homages to Disney Park Icons to Disney Park Attractions Vehicles, there will be many unique ways to take that special photo!

We will have several amazing Fan created displays for your enjoyment! We have once again worked very hard to Plus Up several displays and to create new and exciting photo opportunities to make magical memories.

The PNW Mouse Meet Team and founder Don Morin are extremely dedicated to charitable causes.
The team has been working hard to secure AMAZING Disney Collectibles and Experiences that will be available for Raffle and Auction at this year’s event. We will once again be supporting the Ryman Arts Foundation which was started by Disney Legend Marty Sklar to help high school students further their arts education. We will ALSO be supporting the Seattle Children’s Hospital. As we get together to celebrate all things Disney at this year’s PNW Mouse Meet, we hope that you will join us in supporting these very worthy causes and enjoy the opportunity to win some amazing prizes as well!


​Each year we have a number of AMAZING Disneyana sellers that come from all over the Pacific Northwest and from as far away as California! Check back here as we will be posting a listing of Disneyana Sellers soon.