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“The PNW Mouse Meet makes we want to hop on a plane and go to Disneyland or any Disney property. Gives me the Disney bug to make reservations and go somewhere, anywhere Disney!”

“Dear Don and PNWMM Team: I cannot thank you enough for the love and passion that is clearly visible in this event each year. We always have such a lovely time. It's just the right size without being stressful in any way and everyone is so great and takes really good care of us. Such attention to detail, even theming in the bathrooms. A great event. Thank you for your hard work and for helping us to create some great memories together.”

“First time attendee and I loved the event. Charita gave a fascinating talk and I look forward to the Mickey attraction she is producing. That alone will give me a different point of view when I ride it and was (to me) the high note of the day. Patty and Mike Peraza - I've been a Donald Duck fan since the Carl Barks days, so this hit a home run to me. Thanks for letting them "go long" telling stories - I am SO glad you didn't stick to the schedule! THANKS!”

“Everyone is friendly, cheerful, helpful and happy throughout the day, making it a most enjoyable time. Each year the guest speakers you have never fail to amaze us. Thank you for all you do to make this so special for us.”

“Overall I thought this year was the best show yet.  Take the speakers out of the picture as the speakers have always been great.  I liked the flow of the day, the seating outside, the added food options, different style vendors to choose from. I just want to give a big "well done" to the team.  You all put in a lot of hard work, gave up many hours of your lives and were very pleasant during the show.”

“This is our 3rd year at PNW Mouse Meet, and every year we are Peter Pan Excited to come! And holy cow! That Alice display this year!!! and the Fritos Mountain!! Thank you so much.

“I cried coming in because it felt like I was going to one of the parks. I cried leaving because it's never fun to leave the magic behind.”

“This was our first time. We will definitely return. My family has attended Comic-Con. They found this one more relaxing, enjoyable, and friendly. From the other guests to the exhibitors. The hall displays were amazing. We came away from the event inspired and rejuvenated to keep working on our own artist talents and pursuits. That wasn't even a desire we expected to experience. So much positive talent.”

“I hadn't heard of any of the presenters before the Mouse Meet. I thought they'd be interesting but I was enthralled! Such great presentations! It was our first time and we are already excited about it next year!”

 “It was just nice to see that everyone had a smile on their face.  It was fun to complement people on their outfits- the beautiful "Jane" outfit, the tiki bird dresses, the orange bird dress, the autographed t-shirt, Mickey leggings, and all the other cool attire. I felt very comfortable chatting with strangers, knowing we have the same passion for Disney. Mike & Patty's presentation made me laugh out loud!”

“The brightness and delight of the Alice Tea Party made us instantly feel like we were in Disneyland. It was as if the props from the ride were set up in the corner. We studied the table layout, the tea pots, the little notes. Everything. Love at first site. The "Up" display made us cry. Fantastic work. You could almost picture the characters stepping out the front door. The speakers were all amazing. We drove home trying to imitate Bill and Camille. "Ladies and Gentlemen - Boys and Girls." The entire experience inspired the creative sides of us. I cannot thank you enough for that.”

“I really can't think of improvements. We came to meet family friends. We love Disneyland and hoped we would have fun. It knocked our socks off. I cannot express how pumped we were to go back home and dive back into our personal talents because as we wandered both in the hall and outside the hall, the talents of of your team renewed our enthusiasm to do our best at our work. Because who knows who will be needing your talent to make the world happier, more hopeful, and purely magically. All this because of a Mouse! Thank you PNW Mouse Meet Team. Your Rocked It.”

“We love that the PNWMM is so intimate and friendly. I've experienced "conventions" that started out with 400 and grew to 1500. It lost being fun to attend. I'm not speaking of Disney but other organizations. You have a fabulous following. WE are all in this together! Thank you for all you and your CMs do to make this weekend always so Magical.”

“My favorite is Charita Carter. She inspired me and I told her so. Loved how she spoke to us as if one on one. Amazing Lady. Bill & Camille were great. Fun hearing their stories and learning a lot about how more Disney Magic is made thru announcements! Mike & Patty were really fun. So much talent in that couple. And Don being the ultimate Disney Fan brought more fun with his videos. How do you come up all those ideas? Keep them coming! You are a great host and you keep things rolling and everyone on topic. Thank you.”

“The craftmanship and creativity on display at the displays is incredible. Congratulations to the team for putting together such beautiful displays. David Lesjak's studio model was a great surprise as well. Mousetalgia always comes out of left field with something great, and Mouse Fan Travel Bingo is such a great way to chat with people as well.”

“The highlight of the event has started to become catching up with friends that we've made at previous Mouse Meets. The guests are amazing, but it's so great to catch up with everyone.”

“I love the entire experience... not living right next door to Disneyland... this event sure gives a good Disney dose to the soul! Not to mention as an uber geek fan of all things history and fun... you find the best inside folks to bring up and speak! Thank you for introducing us to such interesting people over the years! The opportunity to meet Bill Rogers and Camille Dixon was such a treat and I think that was my highlight for sure! Thank you!”

“We can't afford to go to Disneyland often. I appreciate an affordable and local option to get up close and personal to some amazing people that have been very important in the Disney / Disneyland story... either in history or present day.  Thank you for feeding my inner Disney geekdom... Thank you for giving me a chance to be with others for a day that totally get why my voicemail greeting starts out with  "Ladies and Gentlemen... Boys and Girls...!!!" and don't think I am a total weirdo.  Completely enjoyed myself (and my daughter did too). Thank you!”

“Overall experience was amazing as always. I cannot say enough about how much fun my family and I have at the Mouse Meet every year. We eagerly anticipate it every year, and it always lives up to our expectations. From the moment we arrive at the hotel, to the time we must reluctantly head home, it couldn't be more fun.”

“Each of the guest speakers had a unique and inspiring presentation. I enjoyed that all three followed a different format (formal presentation vs. Q&A with Don vs. clips by Patty and Mike). They are amazing for making themselves available the entire day for meet and greets and photos. All of the guest speakers were so warm and friendly and great to talk to!”

“The sense of community and connection between all of the guests, vendors, volunteer and guest speakers really makes this event special. Everyone we talked to was excited about Disney and eager to share stories about what it means in their life. We had a lot of fun talking to Lynn while waiting in line to meet Mike and Patty and hearing about all the PNWMM team does year-round to go above and beyond for your guests.”

“The Alice In Wonderland and Andy's Room displays were insane!!! Loved those so much!”

“The videos you and the team create are one of my favorite parts of the event! So funny!”

“It was an amazing year and possibly my favorite year so far!”Type your paragraph here.