Archeology Meet Up





Thursday, August 18th

Thank you so much to those the attended this event!

We had a lot of fun with all 28 of the people that joined us on this tour featuring "Remnants of Disneyland Past Attractions"!

Special Guests Included:
Dave & Becky Breiland of Mousetalgia Podcast
Henry Work of & Beta Mouse Podcast
Disney Legend: Bob Gurr

Don Morin and John Garcia began the meet-up at the Hub where everyone posed for a group photo, Mini Meet buttons were handed out to everyone in attendance, and a discussion was had about what used to be where the Partner's Statue is now.

After that, it was off to Tomorrowland where everyone learned about the Peoplemover, Rocket Jets, Mission to Mars, the TWA Rocket, and the Carousel of Progress. From there the Trek was off to Fantasyland where Don and John helped everyone look in to the past to see the Motorboat Cruise, Ticket Booths that still remain in the park, and the Skyway to Tomorrowland.

 After a short break the Mini Meet regrouped on the trail behind Big Thunder Mountain to chat Mine train, pack mules, Conestoga Wagon Train and much more. There was so much more on the tour including other stops, trivia, comedy, and a few surprises. Bob Gurr even corrected Don and John on a few things, but who can blame him...
He was there when those attractions existed!

What are they saying about the PNW Mini Meet Archeological Trek?

"Hi Don! Both Nick and I are so very appreciative and amazed at your organizational abilities. Sitting in a VIP section for World of Color was a lifetime experience for us! Neither one of us could stop talking about it for days. Thank you again!"

-Craig & Sharon-
"Unbelievable tour! Learned so much and had fun, too! We have been on several Disney tours and by far yours was more interesting, entertaining, and informative."

"Whew what an amazing day!. We spent the most amazing 1.5 hours walking through Disneyland learning so many awesome facts and seeing "old" Disney AND imagine walking next to Bob Gurr who most likely walked the same path with Walt Disney. Just unbelievable. Thank you so much for making this such a memorable day!"

-Kim & Dave-
"This was such a wonderful tour with some great Disney enthusiasts!"

We hope you can join us for the next Trek in Disneyland!