Pacific Northwest Mouse Meet Planning Committee




Don Morin - Planning Committee Chairman

Don became a Disney Fan in high school when his history class was tasked with researching and writing about a historical figure from the 20th Century. From the list Don chose Walt Disney. As he began his research he quickly became more and more fascinated by Walt Disney, his leadership, creativity, drive for success and resulting accomplishments. After completing research and subsequent essay, Don had garnered tremendous respect and admiration for Walt and continued reading and studying him. Don now owns an extensive library of books on all things Disney and collects mostly Disney Theme Park related collectibles that have been used or seen in the parks such as signs, banners and even an attraction vehicle or two. Don now models his personal life and conducts business after Walt's philosophies of family, quality and giving them more than they expected.

Beci Mahnken
Founder, President & CEO of MEI & Mouse Fan Travel

Recognized as Travel & Leisure's A-List Agent for Disney destinations, Beci leads a team of over 50 Vacation Planners dedicated to making magical vacation memories.

Going on 12 years of travel industry experience, special event planning and extensive firsthand knowledge of Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line, Adventures By Disney, Disneyland Paris, and approximately 32 other cruise lines and vacation suppliers, she provides a solid foundation of knowledge to help her team find the right fit for your family and maximize your vacation dollar. Beci also guests on a number of Disney Fan Podcasts and resides right here in the Pacific Northwest.

Jonathan "The Voice" Dichter

Although in his daily life he plays an attorney in Seattle, Jonathan caught the Disney bug early on in life and was recaptured by the magic during his Honeymoon in March of 2006.
“I listened to every podcast I could get my hands on, and even worked on several of them, demonstrating my love of Disney
Magic, voice work, and comedy.
You may have heard me on MouseTunes, WDW Radio, The Magical Definition Podcast, Everything Disney Resorts Podcast and the Meandering Mouse.”

John Garcia

John made his first trip to Disneyland in August of 1969, and that visit left an indelible impression on his life. Although he was only 3 years old at the time, he still retains recollections from that first trip. That summer day marked the beginning of a lifelong passion for John, and he has been captivated by Walt Disney’s Original Magic Kingdom ever since. 

As a child, it was all about the magic found at the park, and he couldn’t visit Disneyland often enough.
As an adult, the magic of a park visit still remains for John, but his passion has expanded in to an academic realm. He has become particularly fascinated with Disneyland’s first two decades, and he has devoted countless hours to researching the history of the park’s origins, design, attractions and operation.
In short, John is a Disneyland geek.

Marc Morin

Family trips to Disneyland during Marc's younger years laid the foundation for what has become a true passion for Disney, especially when it comes to Disney animated feature films from Alladin and The Lion King to just about anything that Pixar has had their hand in. For Marc, combining movies and Disney is like wrapping a cheese stick in bacon. It just doesn't get any better!