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What makes the Pacific Northwest Mouse Meet the BEST Unofficial Disney Fan event in the Country??

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Simply fabulous! Everything was wonderful and it was a memorable experience. I look forward to this event every year. THANK YOU for making it possible!

I love Pacific Northwest Mouse Meet because it's such a special and unique thing in the Seattle area. As a huge Disney geek, it's always a little painful to see all of the cool D23 events that happen in Southern California and wishing that we had the same sorts of thing here up north. PNWMM fills that need! Awesome speakers, a chance to share my passion with other Disney fans, and the opportunity to buy cool Disneyana and other merchandise all make PNWMM amazing, magical, and fun.

I attended my second PNWMM this year. My first year (your 5th) was an eye opener and this year continued with the same.  What I love most about being there is that it is the one place, including Disneyland, that I feel such a camaraderie with everyone. EVERYONE is a huge Disney fan and I don't feel the need to explain or defend my love for Disney even though I'm an adult. Everyone "gets" it there. From old to young everyone wants to hear about your trip or experience, check out a pin, discuss a speaker, admire your mouse get the picture. So, I know I will be back year after year to feel that same feeling of acceptance. Maybe we should all stand up at the next Mouse Meet and say: Hello, my name is ______. And I am a proud Disney fan!  

The best part for me is the guest speakers, then Dole Whip and cat lady. This year having live music was such a great surprise. Thanks.

My magical moment came when my fiancé and i first walked in the door and both of our faces lit up and it was just like waiting at the front gates to enter a Disney Park! The Cast members were amazing and very interactive! I hope next year i can be more involved! PNWMM is now the closest thing I have to Disney Parks. I will now be attending every year you have all put together something great and I will support and help in any way possible!

You always do the best job with getting speakers and having lots of interesting things to do/look at. Thank you for all your hard work.

After going to Emerald City Comic Con which was ridiculously huge (took me an hour just to find parking, the lineups to meet guests were long and I was exhausted after three hours) I was a little apprehensive about any more "fan" things. But I really appreciated the small size and friendly atmosphere. Coming by myself and not knowing anyone there I found it relatively easy to strike up a conversation with other fans. It's always fun to share enthusiasm.

Simply put the PNWMM is much like a large family reunion where everyone has at least one thing in common (Disney) along other interesting aspects of their lives that they have experience throughout the year and want to share with others who appreciate them and want to share too.

This event does not disappoint, even after 6 years!! Keep up the great work PNWMM Team!! Can't wait til next year :)

It keeps getting better each year. Dole whips were wonderful!!!!! Living characters were great addition to the fun!!! Pin Trading was just like the theme parks!!!!

We can't believe how much value you get for this day. It is so much fun, entertaining, informative and unique. This is so much nicer than the "big" events elsewhere because it so much more inclusive. We will continue to come as long as you host PNWMM.

As it was my first time I really did not know what to expect. I was impressed with the effort on the part of the organizers for what is a relatively small event. I'll definitely be keeping watch for when tickets go on sale next year.

This was my very first Mouse Meet and it was magical. I couldn't have asked for a better experience! We cannot wait for next year!

Great fun! Everything is just perfect! Be back next year!

This was a great event like always. You clearly put a lot of time, heart, and thinking into this event.

Loved the Guest speakers and being able to speak with them personally. Thanks for all the hard work! You folks put on a fantastic event!

I expected it to be amazing, and it definitely was!

Thank you so much for all of your hard work, passion, and dedication, which has inspired me to return year after year. This year's event was no exception... See you next year!!

A wonderful event!!!! Already planning to attend next year!!! Love riding the Skyway again!!!! Loved the Mickey Mouse rice crispy treats!!! Got to trade for some special pins for my collection!!!! It was like being at Disneyland!!!! Getting to meet three very special men who have impacted Disney in ways we can now enjoy more!!!!

The Mouse Meet was EPIC! Paige, Tony and Marty were absolutely amazing to listen to. Conrad is still in awe over the conversation he was able to have with Tony and Jeff Kurtti, and Ben talked about it all the way home! He was in the back seat looking at his autographs and would always go back to yours. :) "This one is Mr. Don's! He's awesome Mom!" You've got quite the fan here, LOL. Thank you again to you and everyone who works with you to make the Mouse Meet so amazing!

You did not ask about the Embassy Suite (nice venue) get together! It was a great beginning for any newcomer. We began to feel relaxed in the environment. It was a great ice breaker! Door contest was fun to participate in and see all others. - Everyone different! We had been looking forward to meeting Beci and Lou since we had been "following" them for over 4 years. I was quite surprised how accessible they were. Most of all we met quite a few people and later "closed the place" visiting with others and having great conversations -Disney of course! Thanks to all who worked that night making it a great time.

After the event I started ordering Disneyland books from local library and amazon. I realized I need to go soon to the park. I haven't gone in almost 4 years! I love Disneyland! Thanks for doing this great event.

We were born and raised in Southern CA. Moving here to Washington has been great, but we sure miss Disneyland! PNW Mouse Meet fills a void and we are very happy we found you! Thanks!

After going to Emerald City Comic Con which was ridiculously huge (took me an hour just to find parking, the lineups to meet guests were long and I was exhausted after three hours) I was a little apprehensive about any more "fan" things. But I really appreciated the small size and friendly atmosphere. Coming by myself and not knowing anyone there I found it relatively easy to strike up a conversation with other fans. It's always fun to share enthusiasm.

I look forward to this event every year! Sharing my passion for all things Disney with others who get it is like coming home!

Taking pictures with my Disney heroes with my 8 year old daughter standing next to me smiling is a feeling I will never forget. It's amazing to share all of this with her.

I have been attending the mouse meets since the 2nd one.  My daughter heard about it and the rest is history.

The mouse meet over the years has provided me with a number of wonderful memories.  One of the major ones is being able to spend time with my daughter sharing something we both love Disney.  My daughter is my Disney traveling companion.  While we can't go to the parks as often as we would both love to, the PNWMM give us a wonderful opportunity to share this love for at least one day a year.  We both look forward for the day the event takes place.  We not only learn something new about Disney and the parks but we also can recall fondly the memories we have shared together when we were in the parks.

Thanks Don and your wonderful team for putting on this memorable event every year.

Thank you, Don, for all you and your crew do to put on this event.  My mom and I love all things Disney, and we've been able to vacation together many times, with and without my children. 

Having an event like this so close to home, listening to and meeting amazing speakers in a fairly intimate setting, and just being around other "Disney freaks" (as my friends would say...what do I care?  I love Disney!) is something we look forward to every year.  We aren't able to travel to the parks as much as we would like, but this event fills the gap until our next visit. Keep up the good work and know that we appreciate all your blood, sweat, and tears to make each event something special. 

I loved listening to the speakers - getting to meet Lou Mongello after listening to his podcast - playing the Hidden Mickey’s game - seeing all the fabulous door prizes that people won and the Mickey shaped rice krispy treats.  My daughter loved the pin games - she isn't really sophisticated enough to trade with the serious collectors so that gave her a way to exchange her pins. Most of all, I loved that there were surprises for everyone at unexpected times - like giving everyone a random prize or Don giving the kids a pin for telling him their favorite character. Honestly, my magical moment was having a girl’s day with my 6 year old daughter.  At the end of the day I realized that I wouldn't have enjoyed myself nearly as much if I went alone as I did having her with me.  I think that's the first time I've experienced that feeling. My daughter loved the whole day as well.  She actually cried as we put her to bed Saturday night because she wanted to go back to the Mouse Meet - and she didn't want to wait a year.