Thank you Don for outdoing yourself once again. This year, as always was an amazing time. Our family really enjoys this event and looks forward to it every year. Keep up the Magical job you and the rest of your team do. Thank you. –Darin

Don, I don't know how you do it, but it was another amazing event. What a great way to celebrate what Walt started and what we Disney fans keep alive in his honor. I have been to each event since the first year and they just keep getting better. This is an annual event that is a must do each year. Thanks for all your hard work. I can't wait to see what you come up with for next year. – Diana

Thank you Don Morin & the tireless PNW Mouse Meet Team for another magical event! My favorite things: Marty Sklar, Mouse Center & Paige O'Hara sings for us!! – Sam

It was a fun day. The speakers were very accessible and willing to talk with everyone. The presentations contained new information which made the day even more entertaining.
As usual we are always looking forward to next year's event. Don and his team do a great job. – Pat

Congrats to Don and his team for another outstanding day. You put on a class event, with excellent celebrities, vendors, fans and friends. Thank you for the amazing special guests and all the special touches to make it well worth a trip from the east coast! Looking forward to next year!!!! – Deb

This event means SO much to so many of us and what you ALL do for us is magical. It IS soooooo worth it - all that work and no sleep - I can't thank you enough!!! – Anna

What an amazing day! Our first MM was outstanding! So impressed. Cannot thank you enough, Don and team! – Krystal

What an amazing day. Thank you to the planning team for all your hard work- each year is bigger and better than ever. I already can't wait for next year!  – Shannon

Thanks again for all you guys do! I can't tell you how much Kevin and I enjoyed seeing everyone. It is so nice to be in a room full of people who get it instead of giving you that look that says you should love something else. I read someplace that "for those who get it, no explanation is needed, for those who don’t, no explanation will do". It is very true and I thought of it a lot on Saturday. Looking forward to next year already. – Dana

Thank you, thank you. A truly magical day. – Debe

It was a great weekend! Thank you to all for everyone's hard work and dedication. It truly was the "Happiest place in the Pacific Northwest"! – Ann

Don and Team, this meet really touched me. It really brought a fire again into my passion of Disney. It was so set apart that there is such a desire for the "ways of Disney" and "where it all began". It's more than just rides and the movies; it's a desire to be like Walt and how this one man made everything possible. How those who share that desire and dream of Walt, still carry it on today. That is what made this so wonderful is seeing, hearing and sharing all of that here at home. I spoke to some dear friends in Florida who watched from "The Box" all of the wonderful happenings and they are so excited to try and make next year. They had no idea how wonderful this event is and we're still talking today about it with excitement. You truly have a set apart wonder from other Disney inspired events in this. The passion for Disney and all that there is behind it truly does come out in this. I truly am blessed to say I was there and have found a group here at home. – Krystal

WOW! What a wonderful event! They just keep getting better every year. Thank you Don for your hard work and passion. Thank you for spreading Pixie Dust over the PNW and adding Disney Magic to our lives in our backyards. – Lynn

Once again the Pacific Northwest Mouse Meet knocks it out of the park. We are ready to start a grassroots campaign to put the PNWMM crew in charge of D23 Expo. Who's With me? I don’t know how they'll top it next year, but I know they will. Thanks to the PNWMM Crew, you guys all work really hard to put on the best Disney fan event, and we all appreciate it. – Joe

A big thank you to you and your crew, my first PNWMM and well worth it. I will definitely be back next year! – Brandon Cole

Thank you to all who helped create such magic yesterday! The speakers were so fascinating. I had a fabulous time for my first Mouse Meet, and can't wait for next year! Thank you all again. – Cindy

Thank you Don and Michelle and the rest of the planning committee... Fourth year in a row for our crew and we all had a great time! – Sue

My daughter proclaimed in the middle of the day, "This is great! One of the best days ever!" Uh oh! Another Disney fan in the making....thanks again for all YOU do! – Cathy

Thanks to Don and his awesome PNWMM crew. Words alone cannot express my thanks. Uncle Walt would be proud. – Ric

I wasn't sure what to expect, but I could not be more thrilled with the great day I had today. Wonderful speakers, vendors, pin trading and, most of all, PEOPLE.  I can't wait for next year when I will bring my daughter.  Thank you for all the hard work! - Kit

The Mouse Meet was EPIC! Paige, Tony and Marty were absolutely amazing to listen to. Our son is still in awe over the conversation he was able to have with Tony Baxter and Jeff Kurtti, and he talked about it all the way home! He was in the back seat looking at his autographs and would always go back to yours. :) "This one is Mr Don's! He's awesome Mom!" You've got quite the fan here, LOL. Thank you again to you and everyone who works with you to make the Mouse Meet so amazing! – Bernadette